Solar Water systems New Zealand


Heat Pumps Or Solar Panels To Heat Your Water

Solar Technology or heat pump water heaters may be your best choices available at present in this quickly changing world of energy savings. offers reliable eligibility advice for Diy solar installations.
To discuss your options on how diy solar heating can add value while improving your homes saleability not to mention large reductions off your electricity bill "contact us today reviewing solar cost and prices".
New Zealand is fortunate we have lower pollution by world standards, you can help keep pollution low by reducing our dependence using fossil fuels or non renewable energy sources by considering solar, you will enjoy seriously deep heating discounts on your electric bill.
Official sources estimate every households alternative energy system saves 350kg / 1.6 tonnes of global greenhouse gas emissions per annum as opposed to using a standard electrically heated cylinder.
Major heating factors determining how much money alternative energy will save you on a yearly calculation will depend on, volume of family hot water consumption, plumbing piping system design, installation quality, completed price you pay.
As with any heating system New Zealanders have a part to play helping reduce dependence on non renewable energy supplies or resources, helping claw back significant savings on your water heating bill.

Evacuated tubes offer average New Zealand households effective savings along with, genuine power consumption reductions of 30% off your household water heating energy bill.
Your hot water requirements using a correctly installed and designed solar heating system will return between 50 to 75% of your hot water requirements, additionally your electricity consumption in kilowatt hours (kwh) will reduce in the range of 1750 kwh - 2750 kwh.
Whether your existing home is in the upper North Island or the lower South Island, commercial or domestic household, your savings will impress while reducing national grid energy requirements and still receiving competitively priced effective hot water alternative energy systems.

Highlights to remember;
Installing solar hot water delivers meaningful environmental emission reductions.
Energy resources in New Zealand need preservation helping reduce our appetite for coal and hydro generation.
Environmentally friendly heated water will shift your energy bills lower while protecting our fragile environment.

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