Stainless Steel Hot Water Cylinders

Quality stainless steel, solardirects pleasing solar heating system attached to roof
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Stainless Solar Heated Cylinders manufactured by Peter Cocks craftsmen are
packed with superior insulation offering an impressive 10 year warranty.
Heating your hot water can account for up to 40% of the average household’s electricity consumption, it is important you choose a hot water cylinder that delivers on its promise of energy efficiency, optimum temperature and consistant water flow.

Energy efficiency, optimum water flow and maximum temperture performance are the main focus of cylinders manufactured in the South Island by Peter Cocks Ltd.
After 49 years of creating impressive customer loyalty, the Peter Cocks reputation is outstanding providing quality products and service.

The Peter Cocks story means commitment to manufacturing quality solar ready cylinders and products specifically for homes, farms and businesses utilising cost-effective, safe and reliable heating systems.

Peter Cocks Ltd is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company.

Solardirect offers the full range of Peter Cocks products at the best prices, delivered nationwide.

If the hot water cylinder you are searching for is not listed here please contact us for a special price.
Peter Cocks Cylinder Prices
300 litre stainless steel measures 560 x 2045 - $1588
250 litre stainless steel measures 560 x 1760 - $1422

3 kw elements
Cavity sensor pockets
Stainless open tank