Solar Conversion Valve Description

5 Way Conversion Valve

  (SCV) will convert just about any hot water heating cylinder.
Cost effective method converting your standard hot water cylinder to a solar ready cylinder using this simple SCV conversion valve.
Conversion offers large cost saving, is easy to make, provides an effective solar conversion efficiency solution connecting all the plumbing connections in one accessible position.
Solar plumbing conversion valve kit is also widely marketed as "solar transfer valve" design simplifies retrofitting existing hot water cylinders, solar conversion valve recycles your hot water cylinder into an effective solar ready cylinder / solar hot water storage tank, solar conversion method will virtually halve the cost of solar heating installations.
Question; how does solar conversion valve work; non-technical construction allows heat transfer flow of hot and cooler water in opposite directions doing this in the cold water / drain port of the hot water cylinder without interruption of the original port leaving stratification layers undisturbed.
Solar conversion valve function allows solar hot water system to work with either thermosyphon or open loop direct pumped systems delivering piping hot water to the center of the valve while removing the coldest water at the same time from around the hot pipe then circulating through the collector while maintaining top level solar conversion efficiency.
Solar water heater conversion valve could easily be made in a home workshop with brass fittings using heavy wall copper pipe readily available from your local hardware or plumbing store or alternatively can supply.
Worldwide thread compatibility is possible using either 3/4" NPT or 3/4" British standard pipe adapting easily to most standard hot water cylinders.
View diagrams for ideas for your scv solar transfer valve, converts a standard booster heated hot water cylinder into a solar storage cylinder.

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example of collector installation
retain solar heat using effective insulation

give planet earth consideration when renovating
solar conversion valve delivering loads of hot water
solar panel position
solar cells forming an electricity collection base
5 way diy solar conversion valve
5 way solar valve
Solar conversion kit is simple to make in any home workshop.