Solar controller receiving sun signals

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SR81  Solar Hot Water Controller - Description
Updated version of sr868c8

Smart micro computer offering advanced fully expandable settings,
easily installed and operated.
Uses three thermal heat sensors, switches the pump on when there
is solar heat to be recovered.
Employs large LCD display which continuously shows the temperature
in the tank, sensor positions, pump position and direction.
Panel temperature displayed at the press of a button. Frost protection
function is used for backing up a frost valve. For reliable protection
against frost, a closed loop setup with an anti-freeze mix would be best, please do not use car anti freeze as it is toxic.
Suitable for use with 3 kilowatt booster element.
Controller utilises safety features, one of which is the automatic heating of the tank to 60 degrees everyday either using solar, electric, or gas reducing the chances of legionella.
Best of all is the power saving function - unit will only activate hot water element if the tank temperature has not reached the pre-set temperature by the end of the day, or anytime you set.
Solar controller SR81 can be used to help control overheating through a diverter valve / electromagnet / solenoid valve.
To address over heating check collector sizing, collector angle and direction.
Unit now comes programed ready for installation, you then make the
final adjustments to suit your lifestyle, daylight saving time is usually the only change required.

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