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Solar Direct promises your power account will drop substantially using solar heating products heating your water.
Solar-technology performance data proves Diy solar heating systems are most impressive performers.
Install Solardirects DIY solar heating system, reduce your carbon footprint using clean renewable hot water heating.

Solar heating conversion data

Evacuated solar heating tubes- 10 year warranty* applies to manufacturing defects.
Documented & proven 82 % solar heating collection efficiency.
Durable stainless steel cover and frame.
Quality rockwool insulation is the best solar heating insulator for high temperatures.
3 speed Wilo bronze solar heating  pump, quality components, extemely reliable.
Quality solar heating parts, heavy duty copper manifold, extremely important should you require extended life from your solar heater.
Solar heating systems compatible with high / low pressure solar systems / max 8 bar / 116 psi.
Solar tubes-AL/N/AL absorber coating, aluminium super nitride layers-250 deg c.
Insulation properties of the solar hot water heating tubes are so good-inner temperatures can be 250 deg c while the outside remains cool to touch, this is why they operate so well in colder climates.
Retrofitted hot water cylinders maximum operating temperature of 70 degrees celcius is ideal, hot water cylinder tank temperature should be checked annually because of climate change.

link to      SD3 simulated test report SD6 report is for 20 super efficient solar tubes.
link to      SD5 simulated test report SD6 report is for 30 super efficient solar tubes.
link to      SD6 simulated test report SD6 report is for 40 super efficient solar tubes.

Link to     as/nzs 2712 solar water heating performance test results

Solar heating purchase guidelines.

           1. Solar tube output, systems we have seen for sale are as low as 170deg c (stagnation).
           2. Insulation qualities.
           3. Collection efficiency percentage (specifications).
           4. Optimized orientation angle .
           5. Should you purchase a hot water heating system utilizing a tank on the roof you will have
               additional structural costs to support the weight.
           6. Distance between pump and collector.(the closer the better) test results are based on
              10 meters.
           7. Do you fit a 2 or 3 sensor controller.
           8. Powder coated collector covers wont last as long as stainless steel.
           9. How many people the collector will support.
         10. Check that any intended roof fixing method the roofing association of New Zealand requires;
                that any frames be elevated above roof cladding, this removes weight from the roof
                avoiding compression and possible future corrosion or roof leaking issues.

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