Solar heating is a fantastic alternative to grid tied power, installed correctly you will trim at least 30 percent from you power bill
Solar house sun rise

Solar can produce heating for your hot water far beyond what most people think.
this is a hot shower!!!!!
solar panel installation on a typical roof
solar array modules
          GST inc

        high quality
  high performance
   extra heavy duty      
        low price



       4-5 person household, existing 250 litre cylinder with 1 high efficiency 58x1800x 30 std tube residential solar panel & flat to roof mounting frame.

      Solar Panel
      Construction -
     stainless steel
  2275 x 1.9 Long x1
      weighs 85kg

  Kiss goodbuy to
   high power bills

     Following our installation guidelines
will deliver plenty of
        hot water.

10 years manufacturers warranty on collector tubes, hot water cylinder, 1 years warranty on controller and pump.
Includes backup and advice.

Prices are ex

     TPR valve not

Fact is
    you can pay
more elsewhere
   but you wont
     buy better!



Prices are ex

     TPR valve not

Fact is
    you can pay
more elsewhere but you wont buy


Bank details are on the
      contact page

       Cash n carry

If you can get a better price for the same high quality product we would like to hear from you.
Cash n carry
    North Island only
happy solar customer
DIY solar kits, installers embrace eco friendly alternative energy
Compelling heating test results, hot prices & more!

You being a competent person will find the instructions easy to follow for an extremely satisfying
installation when retrofitting solar hot water.
Genuine high power (icebreaker) solar heating kits, study solar plumbing then put the puzzle together!.
Temperature pressure relief valve is not included.
TPR valve needs to be the same as on your existing hot water cylinder.
If your in a colder region you may require a frost valve plus consider installing a closed
loop solar heater setup.
You become the project manager engaging professional plumbers for installation and final council compliance.
Solar heater specialists are DIY masters here in New Zealand -get one and feel the power.

Installation manual is available on CD with a kitset, covers concrete tile, corrugated iron, decramastic tile, pressed steel, or similar.
As described in  manual the same method for roof penetration can be used for longrun, circumstances require installers deciding on effective methods for diverting water away from any roof penetration.
Solardirects installation manual complies with the building code, contains 30 pages, is not transferable, is copyright.
Solar panel sizes may vary depending on your roof orientation / latitude.
South of Hamilton will require larger than listed collectors, or a higher angle to receive the winter sun arc.
Collectors with low pressure cylinders can be connected to gas or electric supplies. reserves the right to change solar prices and related components without notice.

What Are Our Customers Saying?

Diy Solar Installers

Hi Doug,
Just to let you know how pleased I am with the solar hot water system you sold me.
Where I installed it there is some shading after 4pm, it is just perfect for the two of us and not over heating. Im sure you will have many happy customers.

Regards Mark  (Carterton)

Hi Doug
Couldnt have asked for a better day for solar heating testing, clear skies,frosty start, no wind, perfect,
I have to say Im worried.
The HWC temperature is coming up faster than the coal stove can do it.
At this rate I'm going to have to put in the tpr valve, or remove some tubes, Wow!!!! I'm impressed.
(I hardly ever say that).

Bob  (south Island)

Hi Doug
Sorry its taken so long to get back to you but had to wait for the new wetback to be fitted before I could complete the solar heating installation.
Had it running for 3 weeks and its been awesome highest temp 95 deg c usually about 80 deg c so pretty impressed.
Im thinking about installing solar to my bach, can I get the same deal as this one? and have you got some business cards, people I speak to appear interested.

Simon   (Far North)

Hi Doug
Wow this has got some power, the lift in temp is amazing, at the time of purchase I thought all solar heaters had the same output, but have since found yours have quite a bit more efficiency than others Ive since looked at. Got the TPR working great, thanks for the tips, can you send some business cards, may have some very good contacts for these.

Regards Mike (big apple)

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