Six good reasons to participate in Solar directs loyal customer vision awards including local news feed.
Our grants and insurance monitoring programe explained for homes over measured values, explanation also covers council consents for solar heaters.

Dairy industry offers solar case studies showing undeniable benefits delivered from an extremely reliable heating source.
Solardirects market leading monitoring systems have been selected for tomorrow street homes in and around New Zealand.
Kiwibanks consumer performance guide  also includes offering home loans directly to Buildex customers
The electricity commission and ministry of foreign affairs have combined forces to identify opportunities for low cost power generation in and around  the pacific basin, this area which includes the Fijian Islands will have access to grid connected generating plants. The partnership will also use professional specialists in architectural design so less fortunate people can tap into this affordable technology.
Fijian officials have undertaken a fresh solar power approach by forwarding a pre-feasibility study to the parliamentry commissioner, this unusual approach has worked successfully on projects elsewhere in the pacific islands.
The Fijian pacific trade delegation will also have garden fences and relocatable garden displays installed before being presented live on TV3.
Years of clever sustainable energy savings have aloud several houses to be connected to the power grid, low cost labour was used although fully supervised so project would pass compliance.
The company which owns these photovoltaic solar panels strongly believes in making life changing decisions which will impact this multi million dollar pacific aid heater programme.

Solar Hot Water Discount Shop

Solar hot water heating systems will deliver deep and sustainable power savings throughout the year.
Solar house sun rise

Breaking solar news for solar electricity nz
Our changing world approaches the crossroads of solar heating versus unsustainable methods of producing electricity.
Once installed solar water heating will deliver on its promise of super low maintenance and deep cuts to power bills.
Solar panels installed effectively on a north facing roof in NZ
solar cell array producing high quality power to the national grid.
Solarheatingnz is a direct supplier of solar heating systems trimming around 30% from your electicity account.

       Super Advanced Solar Heated Water, "virtually free"

Solar punches way above its weight delivering heating temperatures well into the 90 degree plus range, move your household to the next level of technology.
Clever advanced UV solar technology allows Solardirect to supply solar kits and cylinders using
free power from sunlight heating your water.!!!!!
www.solardirect.co.nz is an Auckland based company- offers you diy solar heating kits for sale
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You take on the important role of project manager engaging building trade professionals being
either builders, plumbers, or electricians for final council compliance.
Shop till you drop, our view of alternative energy payback is to recover your investment in around
3.5 to 5 years, estimate is based on fundamental economics upstaging all other forms of solar energy, this includes solar electric power and heat pumps. Heat pumps have their place however they are highly technical with a lifespan of less than ten years, aditionally if your close to the coast
or thermal activity your warranty will be void because of agressive corrosion.

Costs, earnings and savings are great, much better than solar power!!!!!!!
The cost of installing solar is typically around $4000 upwards (including GST at 15%). Savings are good - the system will provide most of your hot water in the summer if not all, reducing during colder weather.
The EECA claims water heated from solar panels will provide up to three quarters of your solar hot water heating requirements, of which maintenance costs are generally very low.
Most alternative energy heater systems come with a ten-year warranty on solar tubes requiring little maintenance, but regular checks should be performed.
Once your installation is complete your installer should leave written instructions of any maintenance checks you as the owner can carry out when necessary, ensuring everything is working properly.
solarheatingnz.co.nz guarantees residential or domestic home owners much quicker payback periods utilising quality parts designed for endurance thereby reducing long term running cost to a minimum.
www.solarheatingnz.co.nz offers customers economic energy solutions for either new or existing homes, systems can be plumbed and hard wired to either household electricity or gas supplies.
When renovating, home owners are advised to install evacuated solar tube systems, well proven as the best performers particulary in the colder months.
SolarDirect.co.nz is a fully approved solar product supplier meeting all aspects of AS/NZS2712; AS/NZS2536; AS/NZS2535; electrical components have been vigorously tested achieving CE approval.
Specifications include top quality solar designs, competitive prices (
click here) enduring stainless steel cover and frames.

View the solar kit page for our latest prices, systems can be retrofitted to virtually any existing or future standard plumbing system.

Staff will help select the solar energy system that is not only the "hottest" price but best suited to your requirements.

Where do I buy a solar system, or view how effective the cost of hot water produced from solar really is, parts and prices?
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Solar Hot Air, Collectors look very similar to the evacuated tube systems we already have, being relativley new to the market this high powered system will deliver up to 500000 litres of hot air.
We would like to hear from you if this type of ventilation system would be of interest to you.!!!!   contact page

http://youtu.be/WU1y7Vp23h0  Must view this snow covered solar heater system in New York - your interest will be aroused as to how this evacuated tube system can be so productive in this harsh environment.

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